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Hey guys i'm running a Audiopipe AP1500.1D amp with 2 Fusion Powerplant DVC 4 FPW-1200 subs. (450w rms, 900w peak) yesterday one of the subs coils melted and gave out so i am on the hunt for 2 new subs. I would prefer something with similar setup if not more powerful, i am willing to spend $100 or so a sub, since my amp is 1ohm stable i am looking to get the most out of the subs i get, they need to be reliable. I was looking at some Audiopipe txx-bd12 subs but not sure if...
Theres no fix for it really because its internal right? What do you mean by frequency, like the frequency of what?
alright, today i tried what you suggested. I was able to play one really bassy song really loudly with no problems then after that the next song playing loud it took maybe up to a minute before switching to the radio, after that i went back to the same song and was able to play it at low volume just fine. A few more songs switched over when played loudly within 15-20 seconds. Same deal when i played them at low volume no problems. Could it really be the radio source button?
hmmm its interesting that you say that. i have the stock bose head unit so it looks like this http://www.oemradios.com/images/gm_radios/004.jpg on the right side where it says aux is how i switch it to CD and below that button is the FM button, to me these buttons seem pretty sturdy to be pushed by bass, to me it doesn't seem like much. but i will pay attention to it tomorrow and get back to you. Thanks for your input
hey guys, im running 2 12 inch fusions with an audiopipe 1500.1 amp. Recently I've been having a problem where when i play a CD, and on certain songs that loud and bassy the CD stops playing and my headunit switches back randomly to the radio. What could the issue be? I figured it was a poor ground and so today i regrounded it to a bolt that holds the seat to the frame, issue still persists. I plan on doing the Big 3 upgrade this upcoming week, but im not sure if that will...
the amp is toast for sure, plus i dont have it anymore. and i would spend maybe around $120 for a new one since its just one but maybe i would go up to $150-160. and alright i can sell my mtxs and the power cap and have a little more money towards a amp
with what kind of amp and how many watts?
yeah i have no vents/ports so the enclosures are sealed. stuck once again i dont know what to do, what would be the cost of 2 amps rather than the one and what kind do you recommend etc.
im not sure what the diff enclosures are and how to tell them apart, would a picture or two help? i would have to rebuild a enclosure? how come? i have no experience doing this....
yeah definitely getting most likely 4 gauge wire, and i've got a buddy that is helping me find a amp right now but not sure the progress on it, i might go through with that audiopipe amp, that sundown amp is too expensive for me haha do you know of any amp brands to avoid and which ones are good for 1500wrms or however much i need but at $200 or less
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