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Thanks Bohanna. I do have the service manual, which only lists one type of LCD panel and talks about connecting the projector to the computer for fine tuning. It's getting pretty pricey in parts. I'm deciding if I should buy new or gently used Has this problem been addressed in any of the newer projectors? Anyone have any great recommendations in the Under $1500 range? Thanks, Ruth
Bohanna. Thanks for the help. I took the blue LCD panel out and could see a cloudy shape. I looked up the part on the Panasonic website - $300+ !!!! They only list one part number as LCD panel... do all 3 colors use the same LCD panel part? I might be able to salvage an old red or green LCD panel if that's the case. Thanks,
Update: OK, I took the machine apart again hoping to find the smoking gun. Turned up nothing. However, in my rush to test the projector again (with fingers crossed) I forgot to connect the ribbon cables to the LCD panels. The image projected was white, with yellow fringe edges and an off-white blob taking up 2/3s of the image. The blob wasn't as well defined as it is on the blue screen. I took a sturdy piece of cardboard and blocked the light one at a time from each...
Hi, Thanks for all your posts regarding the PT--AX200u; they have been very helpful. We have been fortunate with over 8000 hrs on our machine. We started with a yellow blob in the top left quadrant about 6-8 months ago. We replaced the bulb (it was time anyway), which didn't fix anything. The higher temps from the new bulb just caused the yellow spot to grow until it took up 2/3 of the screen. I ordered & replaced the In & Out blue polarizers. The old ones definitely...
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