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I don't really care about the religious programming. I was just curious as to why I can receive RF16 as well as I do. Occasionally I have trouble receiving a random full power station, yet I can still get RF 16.
I live in Montgomery, MN 56069. I am unable to receive most of the low power Minneapolis stations. I can occasionally receive RF 33 and 43. I can consistently receive RF 16 rather well. The RabbitEars website shows that all of the low power stations have an ERP of 15kw. I noticed on that website that RF 16 has a higher transmitter output but with less gain to get the 15kw while the rest of the low power stations have a lower transmitter output with higher gain to get the...
I live about 50 miles southwest of the Shoreview transmitters. This morning I was receiving the stations that transmit from there very weak. I usually receive KSTC the strongest, but it was breaking up a lot. It must have been due to atmospheric conditions because I was able to receive distant stations that I normally don't. KIMT and KYIN from Mason City, IA ~ 90 miles South; KQDS, KBJR, and KDLH from Duluth, MN ~ 175 miles North; also WEAU from Eau Claire, WI ~ 130...
The website for the Movies! network is now up.http://www.moviestvnetwork.com/
WFTC has been occasionally showing a standard definition feed of its main 29.1 programming. The PSIP data lists the channel a 29.4 MOVIES!, the channel that was announced as a future Fox station subchannel.
TPT has their Mobile TV service piggybacked on the KSTP Mobile feed. Currently KSTP transmits 3 identical channels of their main ABC feed and a mobile version of KTCA.
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