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Too funny man!!
I will PM you this evening
Nice job!! No need for buttkickers with all the bass in that room..
Hey Edgar,I guess Webbeffect is not a fan of my set up. I love my JTR's and I couldn't be happier with my set up. I'm just as confused as you are with Webbs comments.
Hey Imagic, Webbs questions/comments did not even deserve a response. I am completely happy with my set up and I purchased what was affordable for me at the time. I've been looking for some pics of his space and I couldn't find any. I wonder why!?!
Sorry for the delay guys, I don't get on the forum as much as I would like. I am going to try and answer your question as best as I can. The speakers are near ear height and they sound great to me. There is a slight difference sitting in the front row VS the second row. Sitting in the second row, I am in between the 4 sides and I get a better sound VS sitting in the first row with just 2 sides. I am completely happy the minions. They really compliment my set up.
I got dibbs!
Thanks Indio22, I love Chicagoland. Just take your time and review different builds and that should help you come up with something nice.
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