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...OK smartass...apparently you have trouble comprehending a fellow hi-fi erTrying to be a genuinely nice human..you know what I was getting at....or not...
I may have missed this in a previous discussion. But is it necessary to do the firmware updates that keep popping up on my 103 menu..I strictly only use the 103 for bluray playback only...nothing else...right now its perfection.. And I have heard of(a few) owners doing the upgrades and things getting quirky...thanks for any input.
And that pretzel is even better with almonds and caramel dip!
HEY..that's Really a valid complaint!!I spent a lot of Time making sure that was not happening...ha ha
.....oh and thanks for the kind words LovingHD..ha ha! If you knew how critical of a listener I am...( to music)..lol Then maybe..just maybe you all would understand my way of listening. Its all good...
Hope you all have a happy easter...well..that is if you can hear this. Life is short..listen more... And who cares to what...or how...
The only difference I hear is it is louder...the depth,detail,soundstage..etc are not there...but they are there using DAC,analog,transport etc.Big difference... Not slight!
Sounds good!...I also wondered what DACs the 300 used...since any source running into the mrx goes thru there DAC then arc before being released to the speakers....it does sound like a good setup..DAC wise.
I have also heard the z-dac..parasound makes some of the best products for the money..I am using there Halo amps for my system.
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