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which center channel speaker is better i know the B&W is much expensive than the pioneer but Sp-c22 is designed by Andrew Jones I'm not knowledgeable about this please help me out thx
my budget is about 200-350 and the size of the room is 17ft W, 11L 7ft 8inch tall I will use it for 60% of music most hip hop music and 40% movies i would perfer the AVR that allows me to upgrape in the future and provides HDMI inputs and outputs. THX
how to chose a receiver for my set up? can you tell me what's the proper way to choose a receiver for different kind of speakers?
btw bigger sound = better sound of quality ?
i'm getting it used and if i get the Rti8s, Rti4s and Csi3 and the PSW505 which receiver should i get?
i'm thinking of getting a energy take classic 5.1 for my small opened living room(17ft W, 11L 7ft 8inch tall). is the combination of polk 2x RTi8 tower speaker, 2x 2x Rti4 sourround speakers, 1x Csi3 center, 1x PSW404 powered sub good? or i should get two pairs of Polk Monitor 30's and the CS1 center and PSW 505 as sub woofer. which is better the energy take classic or the polk combo or there's a better option?? which receiver should i get? My budget is around 700 please...
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