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Now that was straight forward info. I appreciate that Kelson. Never know when some movies etc. are going to be coming back around again, so want the best shot at them the first time through. Thanks for all the ideas guys. Papillon is coming soon...gotta be ready for that. Many thanks!
Thanks for all the answers guys. I'm just trying to find out if a movie like, Alien (The Director's Cut) WOULD look any different depending on the modes listed. I don't usually record at HQ or SP, so didn't know if there would be a noticeable difference. Only thinking about picture quality. Don't care about marks etc. Sounds like the majority would go with the SP and HSD. I don't think Wajo said one is better than the other. (not sure on that) Thanks
Okay, I appreciate the thoughts. However, I now have 2 differing views. Anyone else that wishes to weigh in on this, please do. 1) HQ RTD @ SP or 2) SP HSD jjeff says #2 would work best. Wajo thinks the HQ will hold above the SP level. (At least that's what he seems to be saying) These would almost exclusively be movies that would fit in the 2:10 framework. I really love the info that the "experts" here give daily. Thanks
How about this one guys. An HDD recording at HQ to dvd in RTD @ SP or An HDD recording @ SP to dvd using HSD. Is the HQ recording going to be a better quality, the same, or worse. The reason would be to transfer a 2 hour movie to dvd in the highest quality possible. Thanks
Yep. That's all true. I have other VCR's and another older mag. dvd recorder, but really didn't want to record...record...record if possible. I'll have to waste a few dvd's to see what the quality loss is I suppose. Thanks anyways.
Actually I didn't mention anything about an HSD. But in general you are correct, it doesn't help me a bit.
That's what I thought. Thanks
I didn't see this mentioned, but kinda got the idea it can't be done. When dubbing from the HDD to a DVD, is it possible to PAUSE the recording. Example: I have 5 titles to dub from HDD to DVD. Instead of having 5 separate titles, I'd like to have one recording of the 5 titles. I saw you could STOP the dubbing, but I didn't see anything mentioned about whether we could pause or not. Would be nice... Thanks
Just found it on the net. Anyone needing the code for a Mag 533mdr with Dish. It's 661.
The remote doesn't accept 4-digit codes. None of the codes worked. The 900 codes got three flashes when input, the others nothing. If any new ideas, let me know. Thanks.
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