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I just picked one up Saturday and I am having problem setting the wireless on this player, it does not recognize my wireless network in my house. I am having verizon fios triple bundle in my house. Can some exert give me some pointers please. I need to update te firware on this player since it did not play some of the bluray diss the I have
Or you could do just like me painting the screen off white and the border around the screen back and it worked fine for me.
I will try your suggestions nickles55 and xenon2000 when i get home later on today. But i know i used the HD20 test pattern and that is how i framed my screen. I am using 16:9 and the image full from side to side but not from top to bottom. I will take some screen shot to show later on. Can WD Live TV media player be used as a replacement for set top box (STB) for Verizon FIOS service so i can tune to the channel i want?
I got my theater up and running OK but i have a couple of questions hoping to get some answers/pointers for: 1. Everytime i play the movie i did not get the full screen regardless of the movie types (widescreen or not). The picture only fill 50%-60% of the my screen (my screen is about 125") The top portion and the bottom are empty. I am missing something on the setting of the projector? 2. As far as quipments are concern here is my setup as a poorman theater. What is...
I had the universal one just like that and I thought I had try every thing but I could not get the mount the right way. I will try again. Thank you nickeks55
In a earlier post of this thread (page 3 or 4) a user use this to mount his hd20 projector so i ordered 1 yesterday and waiting for it to arrive. I hope it is the right onehttp://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=109&cp_id=10911&cs_id=1091102&p_id=3875&seq=1&format=2
Just purchase my first projector Optoma HD20 and I have some questions hoping I can get some help here: 1. I was trying to set the vertical keystone but the display menu were disabled, how do I enable the Display menu? 2. I need to run an HDMI cable from the projector (to be mounted) on the ceiling to the receiver 25 feeds away what is the right HDMI cable to purchase and where? 3.i was testing the set up yesterday and I hooked my DVD player to the HDMI 1 of the projector...
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