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I just code the activity again without amplifier, copied AV2 command from the amplifier remote control of a television command and inserted it in the process - so now it works. NICE!! ;-)
Yes Standby Through. You are right you can do it by changing input with the remote control without starting, after close examination is my problem actually I use a Harmony one remote, as i can code, but when i add the amplifier to a activity, then it turns on automatic, I dont think I can turn this off, then I could just add eg. AV2
I've decided to keep A1010, but I have a problem - when I turn on an external source for example. iomega TV, DVD or another, then will the rx-a1010 not switch itself to the correct HDMI input, it means that every time I watch a movie or play, I first Should turn on my amplifier, set it to the correct input, and then turnt it off again when I need sound out of my TV.
The sound! ;-)
Hey. I've had RX-V2400 which I was very happy whit, now I have so rx-A1010, which I am less happy whit. I've been offered a new RX-V3900 which I consider buying instead of my rx-A1010 - would it be a stupid trade?
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