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This equipment is located in Fort Worth TX. Local sale only, cannot ship. I am moving and selling off most of my current home theater. Projector and screen are in excellent condition. Optoma HD25 Projector - I bought the projector new June 2013 from Visual Apex. It has the original lamp in it with 608 hours, all on eco mode. See full specs at the url below. Comes with remote, power cable and ceiling mount. http://www.beachcamera.com/shop/prod...06090000005583 100"...
Yeah, I actually used to work for UPS...I'd be worried about shipping these lol. And when things do get broken, cases take absolutely forever to be resolved and refunded.Thank you!
Room looks great! I saw a post of yours over in the HD25 thread (I own the HD25 as well). I actually grew up in The Colony (live in Fort Worth now).
Would like to hear how the HD25e compares to the HD25. I've had the HD25 for around 8 weeks now, love it, but I'm always on the hunt for better black levels. I'm actually running a ND2 filter on it now, but may take it off as I'm having a hard time getting colors right with it on. Any chance anyone has compared brightness/black levels with HD25e vs. HD25? We already know the HD25-LV is brighter than the HD25, but worse black levels.
Well, I received my first 5010-R from VisualApex. PQ seems awesome and 3D is cool. I came from a DLP Optoma HD20...so the change over to LCD is interesting. The black levels and color depth are no doubt better on the 5010. But one weird thing I've noticed: In a still scene of a movie, with very slow movement in it...sometimes i notice an "anomaly" where colors seems to shift around with each other. Really hard to explain, but looking at a sweater on a chick with a detailed...
Wow, thanks for the quick reply MississippiMan. That's good to hear, thanks for the advice.
Soo, visual apex has the 5010-R (refurbished) for $1700 right now. Is there like a 90% chance that the unit I receive will come with problems? Also, the description states that it will have a 2 year warranty, even though it's refurbished. Does that mean I'll be able to do the "trade ins" with Epson in order to find a good projector if need be? I currently own the Optoma HD20. It's a great reliable projector, but I want to move towards a real home theater projector. I know...
SOLD EDIT 1/27/14: Ok, I completely refinished the speakers. Sanded down, puttied up seams, kilz primer and final coat of latex satin black. The blue reflections in the drivers are from my aquarium. Pickup only. Fort Worth TX. See new pictures below. I would be happy to demo the speakers for interested buyers. ***NEW PRICE: $500 for all 5 speakers.*** I built these speakers about 3 months ago. They are fantastic speakers. All drivers in 100% working order and never...
Just read through most of this thread. Really great write up and even better build. Can't wait to see them all painted up and finished. I just got my room somewhat finished. I went with the sealed Aviatrix from Curt as well. They sound awesome. I've considered building the stentorians also. Any chance you're located near DFW TX? I'd love to hear these speakers.
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