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The hd homerun dual tuner looks pretty good might have to check into it.Might be on my xmas list.
I got 3 antennas too but the leaves on tree help me receive NC stations when the leaves are on it its a wild cherry it's behind antenna like now when the leaves are falling off Carolina reception not as good but in the winter it gets better hard to understand .
Use to have a rotor but the effects of the wind where I live wreck even the best of rotors . Back in the analog days you could point your antenna in the vicinity and you picked up the same thing year round basically . Now I have noticed in the fall and spring you have to point your antenna further south to pickup triad stations because Roanoke stations pick up pointing south as soon as you lose the Roanoke stations without the exception of WSLS comes in year round 360...
That's really cool.Foxeng. Your URL .
I picked it up back in July when I point my vhf antenna to the north there is hardly any stations that way except WVVA All I have to do is point the antenna that way it comes in on analog not digital . And it is WKPT. Pick up a lot of strange stuff on the mountain in the spring picked up a digital station out of South Dakota didn't even scan tv just showed up .Elevation makes you throw everything your told about dtv out the window .
There is a lptv relay in Wytheville it is ABC but it is not WSET it is WKPZ a relay of WKPT ABC affilate. I live here i know its there source W9WI.com/TV Database.
No such thing as a Digital antenna most stations are UHF you got what you need.
Picked Up Wset early one morning not since they have a low powered relay in Wytheville but a mountain comes in to play. Wxii easy up here get all Roanoke stations except Wset.
I am just glad I can receive ABC again haven't got it since fox took over 8 been a long time since I watched a college game ota on ABC don't know how I do it took a lot of antenna moving but I receive it all the time now a 112 miles away had to tilt antenna pole back about 15* pick it up now full time with signal strength around 80 Winegard ap 8275 preamplifier .But what sealed the deal was a 4 way distribution amp from lowes.
Watched North Carolinia game saturday appeared to be in HD i know it was 16/9. On WXLV.
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