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Where you live might not even need a booster on a db4 try it without one first .Quadshield rg6 cable they sell at walmart is best. You can get a big role at lowes but you have to crimp the ends.
I have a antennas direct c4 clear stream antenna had it since 2009 done the job real good till here lately after the torrential rains we been having all my extreme range stations over 100 miles came and went with football pending had to spring into action. Wasn't to hard to figure out when I took the mast down water came out of the figure 8s. I thought whoever designed this didn't put weep holes in the bottom drilled 3/32nd holes in the bottom put mast back up with water...
Go to lowes buy a ground rod drive it in at the foot of antenna put a ground clamp on the pole some ground wire or if you use a rf ground block a foot of wire will work. You can easily get all this for under $25.00.
That's good it's not good when anyone losses there job .
Do you think this will be good or bad for WGHP.
Yeah pixilation on Wsls is real bad on Sunday night football .So bad I turn to WXII.
Have watched entire NBA playoffs over the air from 112.5 miles away Wxlv.
Not quite I get Bluefield, Roanoke , most triad stations. And occasionally South Dakota .
Always wondered why WFMY doesn't multicast nothing but the weather channel .Like the sports scores though. One thing I like about WGHP show lots of scores in sports on newscasts .
One of the channels is maybe out of Grundy Virginia maybe the other one maybe Asheville not sure. Don't come in to good when you run a full channel scan they show up the one from the north is a religious analog channel.
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