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I was busy too. I remember the first time I heard about the transition . I read about it in the newspaper I thought how cool is this HDTV from a antenna. First time I got anything to come in was about a year before transition WSLS the first thing I thought was local weather 24/7 it has took till now to finally get ABC I lost it when it went to 45.My wife says I am obsessed with it I admit I am you have my dream job ever need any help? I remember helping all the elderly...
If you have antenna and cable combined somehow your getting bleed over from Wfmy Hdtv.. I use to have that problem when I used a A/B switch its almost impossible to find one that prevents this .
I am talking about analog channels. Low power analog channels they still exist.
Don't know if what you did or even if you have done anything yet, but did pick up 8 for awhile this evening the news on 8.2 at 7:oo looked awesome need to get you to come up to Virginia for a while straighten these folks out.
Sd is history i still get 2 stations in sd 1 toward Charlotte and 1 in between Roanoke and Bluefield . Never watch either. Yeah hd commercials are nice the boxed in look is getting old.
Use to have xm not worth paying for.
I have a hd radio in my vehicle it picks up great in my driveway but when I am moving comes and goes. Been looking for a reasonably priced home system that hooks to a ota antenna hard to find.Home hd receiver hard to find way behind car receivers. One I have for truck got from crutchfield. Pretty good JVC cd whole 9 yards less than 100$.In the am when I am going to work pick up WLW from Cincinnati in hd.If you had one in the triad it would be awesome never need to buy cds...
I have one question why do channels stop at 69. Would they interfere with some other form of communications system if they went further.
I emailed mine back in January and he said he supported free tv.Maybe I should have reworded my email .
So the public might need to email there congressmen .
New Posts  All Forums: