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Thanks to Steve, SS9001. Your suggestion below worked well and I have my SC-27 back to life. "During Standby mode, simultaneously press and hold the " DOWN" and "ZONE2 ON/OFF" keys for 2 seconds." These buttons are on the front panel behind the door." At the first attempt during 2 secs it didn't work, so I pressed longer until the the systems recovered. All the best, Steve!!
I'm unluck. I've tried that without results.Thank you anyway. I must look for service. rgds
It didn't work. thanks anyway.
Hi! just the MCACC pilot is blinking. I tried the " power cycle " and the factory reset without results according to the operating instruction manual. can someone help pls. I don't have a pioneer service available where i live in Africa. thks.
i have a pioneer SC-27 Receiver, the ADVANCED MCACC flashes but receiver will not turn on. We have had power failure. I've bought the receiver in Houston USA through a friend, but don't have a pioneer service close where I live in Africa. Can someone give a hint to allow an electronic engineer ( a friend of mine) dig into the receiver??? Thks
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