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http://www.avsforum.com/t/1433899/official-epson-home-cinema-3020-thread/870#post_23720749iMIKE THEATRE
Are you sure there's no weird reflection coming in making that GREEN THING in the corner.Me....I'd return this one.iMIKE THEATRE
I'm not 100% sure. But it didn't matter. As long as it was in good shape, physically. And all the usual test on run on them past.The 3020's are a great improvement on the 3010's.I believed I did request a new one. But even the refurbs have to go threw enough tests before it's released. It was a huge hassle for me. I have patience.If you follow my posts you can find out how many I went thru. And what issues I witnessed. It's over a year right now, and it still works...
I've gone thru many. Including the 3010 before the 3020. When you get the MINT one. Believe me...it's worth it.If you can calibrate it. Even better. I get compliments all the time on the image, and 3D quality.I've looked at different models/brands. But the overall look, and projected image is what I feel as close to "real cinema" quality as possible.I wouldn't settle till your completely satisfied. And if your hassled enough. Like let's say 4-5 returns/exchange. I would...
I personal think 8 inches would not be a problem. But DON'T COME BASHING ME if I'm wrong. The lens can zoom on this expanding and contracting your projection.If 100 inches is the case. Will you have enough room on the left and right of your screen.I would make sure your black wall and ceiling are of NO GLOSS. A FLAT would be hard to clean. I believe the mid range is called SATIN.Just to cut down on reflection, and concentrate on image.Just remember the CENTER of the lens,...
You have a failing LCD panel. Get a replacement. Same thing happened to one of my units. NOT EXACT SAME but same....iMIKE THEATRE
If there's a scratch on the inside of the lens...It's not suppose to be there. It might actually end up distorting a part of your picture you'd barely notice.I project a BLACK image in this case. Let your eyes adjust to the screen. Look very carefully. Do you see any colours? Did you see a SPOT, or a BLOTCH.I might return it.But THE 1" line. That's a return for sure. Something is wrong. And it could get worse.Sorry if it sounds like bad news. But the hassle you will have....
If you use the SEARCH THIS THREAD at the top of the page. And type Calibration.You will eventually see every post on calibration in this thread of the 3020.This would come up in the list.http://www.avsforum.com/t/1433899/official-epson-home-cinema-3020-thread/870#post_23720749This were just mine using, both the DISNEY WOW Disc and My Own 3D Calibration Disc.iMIKE THEATRE
Do you have your HDMI link turned on, on the projector...and still it doesn't work?iMIKE THEATRE
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