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"SileasResearch" I've read extensively what you've written (since you ordered your sammy), and I am loving the player since I picked mine up (I paid far less tho). The goal, is to now kick samsung in the keester and get them to fix the firmware........ and I've never failed my firmware efforts yet (I am a sysadmin by trade).
Mr. Kludge, I 100% agree with you (as much money has been spend on the HD-DVD collection)... and issues we are having are strictly on the BD side.... not the HD side. Question, if I pay for the $11.95 for the manual via paypal..... would you forward the pdf copy to others (who can look at this with a 2nd pair of eyes also). You've done fantastic work on this so far and I want to see us be able to hold onto our combo sammy's for at least another couple of years (and if...
Any comments?
I just picked up a Samsung BD-UP5000 from Goodwill (in the hope I could eliminate 2 spots in my entertainment center down to one) as I have a Toshiba HD-DVD player (A2 I believe) and a Philips Blue Ray. I lusted after this combo player for years and yet could never afford it. Now it appears that despite the fact that BD is is the present defacto format... Samsung chooses to allow it's Premium product lines fall into obscurity (I have no issues with it playing DVD and...
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