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Thanks for all of the great ideas, got me really thinking. I like the airport express or atv, or even possibly the air play receiver. My normal audio system vintage Yamaha separates klipschorns I do all of my critical listening with. I have not seen or heard the Sierra speakers. I will try to find some place close if possible. Looking at a psb sub sat or possibly,nht or klipsch, although the newer klipsch are kind of disappointing compared to the vintage ones I have. Of...
Not counting the source, what are some suggestions, for a basic playback system od streaming Internet music,( Pandora, Jazzradio.com... Etc). Budget
Journey Greatest Hits! CD, has been my standard for 20 years, will bring some. Branford Marsellis also. CD.
I am currently configuring a system the will reside in a bedside bookshelf. I will be streaming Pandora from an iPad. I would also like Fm capability. I will not be taxed power wise, 10-15 watts would probably be overkill. Any ideas on receivers, as far as speakers been looking at paradigm atoms, nht zero 2.0, psb alphas really have not made up my mind on those either. Any suggestions on equipment or implementation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks:)
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