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I am in need of some money for school books and such, so my beloved marantz cd6004 cd player has to go. Not looking for any trades, I am looking to get $380 + shipping (I will double box). This thing is in immaculate condition, I would rate it 9.5/10. Comes with original box, remote controller and all the original manuals. I only accept Paypal from verified users, thank you.
My updated setup. Added a marantz cd6004 and a few more records to my small but growing collection.
Fatuglyguy, that is a beautiful setup. What is that shelf unit called? More info on the speakers and components?
The 550W may have better specs, but I personally think the HT260 sounds better as well. Although it may be because of where the sound bar is being played (in a very open show room).
The klipsch is a great soundbar, probably one of the best at around $500. I have heard the polk many times and everytime it has left me disappointed. Another great soundbar is the Harman Kardon SB16.
Thank you! I love my CM5's! Very great sound, esp in the mids and highs, although a bit lacking in the bass department for hip hop and other genres with lots of bass. Could use a subwoofer, but I can live with it considering these do put out a good amount of bass for their size. These are my first pair of B&W's, but I have auditioned the CM1's and the 6 series and I must say the 685's were pretty impressive. I was originally planning to purchase the CM1's, but after...
a quick shot of my updated setup. downgraded my tv to upgrade my turntable!
Showing is better than telling.
If I had a $2000 budget, I would personally find some used towers for $1500, and blow $500 on a used AVR or integrated. The HK 3490 is a very highly regarded Stereo Receiver due to its price range, build quality, and sound quality. I would look into that, its around $350-$400 and you can blow the rest of your money on some good speakers. Last on you could always sell the 3490 and get something better when you feel the need to upgrade. I have played with the 3490 and I...
New Posts  All Forums: