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i have a 103 and use my ps3 or apple TV for netflix, the interfaces are way better IMHO, and of course the ps3 has a lot more streaming options. I just use the 103 for bluray (2D/3D), SACD, DVDA and network FLAC playback, all of which it excels at. OPPO doesn't seem to be able to keep up with all the streaming features.. but there are so many other (cheaper/better) options out there i don't really care.   my $.02
known issue with SMB and latest osx.. i installed a third party SMB client and it now works with the oppo.. i used 'SMBUp'..
this happens from time to time, usually when you have more than 1 device trying to control the AVR at the same time (ipad and iphone for instance). sometimes you can just kill the ios processes, other times i've had to power cycle the AVR.
No, they did suggest that, but I installed the latest firmware a month or so ago which reset everything and didn't fix it, so I'm assuming it would not help. I guess it wouldn't hurt.. other than the mind numbing process for setting up pandora. 
if anyone is following my saga.. i called pioneer and they basically confirmed this behavior is not normal and suggested i take it in. now i have to decide if fixing this is worth being without the receiver for 2-3 weeks :(   too bad they don't have loaners :)
anyone tried pushing music to the oppo via DLNA DMR (i'm using twonky) with the new firmware? this is very flakey on the current firmware.. hoping its solid with the new beta firmware. specifically, the oppo doesn't broadcast itself very consistently, so tools that list available devices to push content to sometimes see the oppo and sometimes do not. it usually works on a fresh restart of the 103, but after using the 103 for blu ray or other video playback, it will not...
i think you were replying to my earlier thread. the behavior has definitely changed since i've had the AVR. i used to be able to airplay, and then adjust the volume from any source.. that no longer works. i can't even adjust it from the iphone if i'm air playing from it without the connection dropping.. that can't be standard behavior.   thanks
Yea on this topic I saw only 2 firmware updates on the 95, before the next model came out.. About the same timing of the year as well (fall and spring)..so I'm thinking thats what we are likely to get in our 103's? I definitely had the impression we'd get more frequent updates, I think that was wishful thinking.
I've posted about a problem i'm having on my VSX-53, regarding airplay cutting out whenever the volume is adjusted. I have tried airplay to the receiver from my iphone and computer, and the connection will break if i adjust the volume via any mechanism (remote or turning the knob). At this point i can't think of it being anything BUT the pioneer. I went to best buy yesterday, talked to their geek squad and they said i'd be looking at 3 weeks without the receiver since...
So I read a review in sound and vision mag and thought I'd try it out, since they raved about the 5.1 mix.   I was floored. This album is amazing, and my first experience with Steven Wilson. My favorite track is 'drive home'.. been stuck in my head for a week now. The surround mix is amazing, as expected given the reviews.    In the last few weeks I've become a SW junkie.. got tickets to his upcoming show, and bought his 2 other solo albums. Both are also good...
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