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It's not over pricing or price gouging, it's just supply and demand. Most of these titles are no longer being produced, and a lot of people want them. That equals 'high' prices. 
Yes, that should definitely work, call oppo.
yes as i said you won't find all the 'modern' stuff in 5.1 hi def, the link above was just a place to get 5.1 files so you can test your setup with them. search amazon for SACD or DVD audio discs, and you'll see whats available.
Here are some free 5.1 and stereo hi res files, play around with these..   http://www.2l.no/hires/index.html
I'll try to answer in bullets iTunes does not sell multichannel music Of any kind, Multichannel meeting 5.1 Multichannel music is available primarily from DVD audio and SACD sources You'll need a special player to play DVD audio and SACD sources There is a fairly limited selection of multichannel music compared to what you'll get on iTunes, Mostly the really famous stuff like dark side of the moon etc. Multichannel music is also frequently delivered...
I've noticed a new problem with Airplay playback.. i'm not sure when this started but it definitely used to work, and now does not.   when using the pioneer as an airplay source, either from my mac or iPhone, the AVR will begin to play as expected. However any time i change the volume, either from the AVR, the iPhone music app or the pioneer iControl app, the AVR will stop playing and the music is redirected back to the iphone or mac. The airplay signal seems to just...
i've had this happen at least once as well.
i have a sony s590 and an oppo 103.. very little (if any) difference in blu ray performance on my benq w7000 projector just in terms of video quality. there are other video related features that make the oppo worthwhile for me (and lots of audio related). menus/load times much faster very flexible zoom (makes 2:35 movies much more enjoyable on my 16:9 screen by reducing letter boxing)   but purely in terms of a better blu ray image? thats a tough sell for an extra...
Another gripe about Netflix on the Oppo. Changing the parental controls level does not take effect immediately, like it does on every other player I have. During the day I restrict the Netflix level to PG for the kids. But at night I'd like to watch an R-rated movie so I change the parental control setting on the website before I launch the app. Just tried this with the oppo and its stuck in the PG level after going in and out of the Netflix app. That's Pretty annoying...
no, i haven't had any such problem with my vsx53 + w7000 projector via a 25ft HDMI cable. what brand/type cable are you using? I got this one after reading many reviews:   http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005EZTUMU/ref=pe_175190_21431760_M3T1_ST1_dp_1
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