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i'm running osx mountain lion and had this problem with the 103.. i got it working using an open source SMB implementation instead of the osx version.. perhaps there's an option like that for windows folks.
That was it! Thanks.
I have a 53 and have noticed that I can't cycle through all my inputs using the left knob. I've narrowed it down to just the BD labeled hdmi input... It cycles correctly through all the others. Is there a reason that some of the inputs are labeled on the back with 'DVD' , ,'BD' etc? I can use the ios app to jump to any input, including the BD one, but can't cycle physically on the device. Any ideas?   thanks
  I was actually pretty impressed with the 2-D to 3-D conversion on the 103. I watched the sound of music and Star Wars episode III and it looked pretty good, not like an original 3D but certainly a noticeable 3d effect, especially in large outside scenes. I'm not sure i would make it a habbit, but if you like 3d it's pretty cool.
agreed.. but i'll give twonky $20 in the mean time.
been playing with this, but my 103 is not showing up in the list of available devices.. apple TV and AVR do, but not the oppo.. did you have to make any config changes to see the oppo?   thanks   [EDIT] nevermind, after some time, the oppo just 'showed up'.. and i can stream 5.1 flacs from my desktop (mac) or iPad/iphone... this is NIIICE.. since i don't have to fire up my projector to traverse my oppo content now.
while i'm not an audio expert, i do have a new 103 and have a pretty nice setup (pioneer elite 53 + def tech speakers) and have been listening to a lot of hi res 5.1 flacs. i did notice a difference when i went to the 103 with audio, although it is fairly minor.. certainly not a 'night and day' improvement. i would characterize the sound as being more crisp and discrete with the 103 (admittedly a vague description - vocabulary breaks down when describing sound, IMHO).   i...
just got a new 103!   overall very good.   build quality is excellent.   no difference with BR playback that i can tell (2D or 3D)   sound is excellent, and more 'crisp' then the sony 590 is replaces   one thing i'm having trouble with:   i have 5.1 FLACS published via a ps3media DLNA server, which i traverse and play back with the oppo. the lists of tracks are always showing up twice in the list though, and both play. i've checked all the...
No, that's just a remote control app that functions like the physical remote. Check the link above to the 9x media remote... Lets you do a lot more...
Actually OPPO answered me in a follow up email. Apparently they have a (beta) app available for the 9x series, and one for the 10x is on the works. See below for their (excellent, I might add) customer service response. The 'push' from a DLNA server is an interesting idea though..thanks! You will want to wait for us to make a newer revision of the Media Remote (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oppo.oremote&feature=search_result) currently available for...
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