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I just did my Home theatre for around 1K (Speakers only) I used 3 Kef IQ90's for the front. They are being sold at 399$ right now, i snagged them for 329$ during the thanksgiving sale. Vanns sells open boxes between 325 and 342 each. I did get a Klipsch 12D subwoofer, but rarely use it
I did raise the crossover to 80hz and it did make a huge difference. I removed the biamp and followed the speaker installation guide to connect the 2 binding post with the cable that came with the speakers. Thanks all for putting some sense to the setup i have. I tried playing a 5.1 flac and had no sound from the center channel, even though i turned off the center (Center=>none)
I am just starting to setup the HT, I have just one subwoofer connected to the 818 and have 2 iq90's connected for the front. I biamped it using the bi-amp (Hi freq) of left and right respectively. I am completly lost hereI did not change the odyssey setup, it is setup to small. I assume that if the speakers are set to a hz (Mine was 40hz) and not FULL BAND, then it is set to small, please correct me if i am wrong.
I have an onkyo 818 with 2 kef iq90 speakers and a powered subwoofer. I am trying to run a phantom center, but i could not get any sound out of the subwoofer. The subwoofer sounds fine during the audyssey setup, but it is mute afterwards. I picked biamp during audyssey setup. thanks
Does anyone know whether Vanns is an authorized dealer for KEf? The Kef website does not liste them as authorized dealer, however vanns.com lists them as an authorized dealer. Kef clearly states that if i buy stuff from non authorized dealers, the warranty would not be honored, hence this question
Ok! So if I use a 3rd q90 for center I have to place it exactly on the real center I.e., between Left and right?
Called Vanns to order the IQ90, rep told me to wait until the end of the week or early next week if i am going to buy 3, not sure whether they will discount it any further or even release a blanket coupon which could be used. One more (noob) question, i cannot have the 3rd IQ90 horizontally placed due to issues wiht the availablity of space etc., is it going to be detremental if i place them vertically one next to each other (L+C and R separate or vice versa)
Thanks! I would definetly use the extra bass, is this because of the 3 way instead of the 2.5 (IQ70)? Still not sure whether the extra 100 (X 3) is worth the trouble, considering i have a Klipsch RW12D.
Can someone help me on the difference between IQ70 and IQ90? I have a slight hunch on moving up to iq90 which is being sold at 399, when compared to 299 (IQ70) The drivers seem to be the same, not sure what is the net difference for the end user.
Good point, will look around for a few more days, if nothing shows up, will have to purchase one more of these from kefdirect. If Newegg comes up with the discount, that would be great, thank You
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