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the Klipsch pro media sounds way better than the Bose in the same category. Not sure if it's the 'Companion 5' or what but I listened to all of them on the shelf in this range +/- $50 and the Klipsch sounded way better. Decent little sub and the L/R speakers have decent imaging. Great for a 'whole room' sound.
On a budget those pioneers are great! I have the bookshelf and center but still using some smaller onkyos for surrounds. The pioneers shine at higher volumes and aren't the most attractive but they look decent enough. I don't have much experience outside of these so take this for what it's worth.
wow I'm shocked no mention of logo free screens from the plasma crew (I'm one of them). Augusta is always beautiful to see on the big screen but the channel I watched it did not have a single logo at any moment. The only things that popped up were player/score info for recaps etc...I wish it were like that all the time.
Solarium - I'm like you in that I do so much research that once I've completed my research and buy 'insert product here' I still wake up the next day and continue the research. I've done it with TV's, cars, etc... I'm a huge 'bang for your buck' consumer especially with things that are more hobbies than needs. I settled on the Pioneers a few months ago and I am completely satisfied. I see all kinds of deals on CL etc but it doesn't give me any buyers remorse.
I love contests! Whoever wins, it will be exciting to see the goodies!
X2 On The Pioneers.
Those "disturbing" scenes are the steps leading up to what we all snatch up at the grocery store and throw on the grill. But to your point it can turn a texas cowboy into a artsy vegan...thought provoking at the very least. I liked this one a little more than Baraka.
I'm far from an expert and won't pretend to be. As you say, youtube is "different" when you access it from something besides your computer. TV apps, game consoles, streamers etc might have youtube, but the overall experience IME is not quite the same as when you're sitting at your desk surfing vids. I'm guessing a HTPC would be a good choice for you but to get sound advice you might want to post specifics around your budget, current set up, etc...
I couldn't get the ARC to do what it's supposed to do. I own an ST30 and assume it's the same hardware. Like I said, I ended up doing the optical cable and selecting that in the menu when I need to either run a viera app or plug my smartphone, video camera etc directly to the TV. I'm using an onkyo AVR but basically same outcome. Anything sourced from the TV - I switch to optical as the HDMI/ARC gets me nothing.
New Posts  All Forums: