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i have a noticeable buzzing noise that seems to be coming from the top right hand corner fan in the back. (65GT30) gets louder as the TV gets brighter. i also had an issue that i was troubleshooting (turned out to be a bad HDMI cable) and tried other inputs and noticed a huge drop in picture quality especially in the blacks (graininess and what looked like squiggles, for lack of a better term). realized that picture settings were on standard and not my usual custom setting.
you are entitled to your opinion as am I. i just wish that a $2000 MSRP unit would be more about the sound rather than the features that i will never use. in my house i have Paradigm Reference, Monitor Audio, Polk, Definitive technology, Yamaha, Emotiva and Denon. My ears might know a little something about what sounds good.
why? because you have a marantz?
I am in the same boat as you. dont replace it. i just got an emotiva XPA 5 which fixes everything that i thought was bad about the receiver (lack of lower frequencies) and really improves everything i thought was great ( mid range and soundstage). dont be lured by room correction and lossless audio that are offered in these newr units. i recently returned a Marantz SR 7007 that was on sale for for just under$1500 total here in windsor. i hated it. soundstage was gone and...
have had a Denon avr 3805 that i bought new and was never completely happy with until i added and emotiva xpa 5 just this last october. huge difference. recently decided to upgrade to HDMI and purchased a Marantz SR 7007 to replace the Denon. HUGE disappointment. the Marantz went back to the store and the Denon went back in my rack. so i am voting for the Denon AVR 3805. did not think a receiver could make that much difference especially when used as a pre amp.
currently using a denon avr 3805 and studios sound very bright and almost too revealing. not a lively room whatsoever. studio 60 v5 adp 590 v5 2 x pw 2200 milennia 30 front center milennia 20 rear center leaning towards a pioneer sc - 68 or keep the 3805 for now and replace 60's with golden ear tritons (2 or 3) i use my ps3 exclusively for all music listening using mp3 ripped at 320 from my own cd's. ran auto setup\roomeq numerous times with different results each time....
New Posts  All Forums: