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Hi all. I not long ago built my first PC and while I have been trying to calibrate it to the sRGB standard I got a little confused with the default gamma setting in the Nividia control panel settings. So I've read, sRGB's gamma should be set to 2.2, but the video card is set to 1.0. When I increase it to 2.2 the image seems quite washed out and calibrating to that doesn't match my PS3s calibration settings (which I believe is also sRGB with a gamma of 2.2. ). My display...
While playing a bit of Dust 514 today I randomly started to wonder if adjusting the camera settings was a good idea. I've been having trouble with my aiming in the game for awhile now, finding it difficult to get a kill, so I'm just leaving the sensitivity at defaults for the time being now. I was thinking, as the developer knows more about the game than anyone else, is it better to leave the sensitivity as is, or adjust it till it feels best for you?
Hi people. While playing a bit of multiplayer today on Dust 514, I began to wonder if it's really a good idea to try adjusting camera sensitivity settings in a game, specifically for games which use aiming as part of its gameplay. I was thinking about it like this. If a developer leaves a camera setting at 5 as default, shouldn't it be a better idea to leave it at that, seeing as that adjustment has come from the expert judgment of the developer? What do you think,...
I suppose that's not too bad then,I'll not worry too much about it, I'll maybe kind of average the two distances of each sub and set it at that, better than leaving it as is I imagine.Thanks.
Hi guys. I received my second subwoofer today and not long ago I finished calibrating it again, only I left out one step, which was setting the distances of both subs because my receiver doesn't seem to allow the setting of distances for both of them separately. What can I do in this case, set the distance of the one closest to me, the one farthest to me? Or maybe I've missed something in my receivers settings, which is the Denon AVR 2313. I'm not sure if setting the...
Yes I was wondering this myself, it seems a good theory but what is the idea behind it?His theory seems right with the Uncharted games on a calibrated screen, it results in the default setting which should be right seeing as ND calibrate their monitors.
When I calibrate for the PS3 or Xbox 360, I have some calibration images that are in the color space sRGB, simply because as Scotti said, if any developer were to use a standard, it would be either of those. Seeing as Rec709 and sRGB are very similar, does that mean they are both meant to be used with the limited RGB range? (16-235)
It is, I suppose I'll be giving them a call soon. Anyway I gave the "High Altitude" mode a try, and so far those blobs ain't budging, but I'll keep the mode on until I fix the problem, with me having to open it being a last resort if not
Doubt this will work but apparently other projector models have a feature to internally blow out or away dust, fixing dust blobs, I think. I hear the "High Altitude" mode on this projector is similar.I'll give it a go later and post back. Worth a try.
No these are just a grey color, and they always stay in place. It's a shame as its very distracting in dark scenes. You constantly can't help but notice them at the corner of your eye.
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