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I found some that *did*, like the Asus 22T1E, but it looks like it's been out of production for awhile.
I've spent a couple of hours searching, and can only find ancient discontinued models. Perhaps I'm using the wrong terms? I'd love to find any type of screens that would take good old analog NTSC cable in, and give composite video/RCA audio out. Are displays with this kind of pass-through made anymore?
I'm sorry if my knowledge of the AV world is causing me to ask a silly question, but I've spent literally a dozen hours searching, and have come up with nothing. I work in a school for kids with autism, and the teachers frequently record a class session for evaluation, allowing them to individualize each child's curriculum. The video feeds are multiplexed analog signals sent over coax. For years this was recorded as needed using VCRs. What we'd really like to do is...
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