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Figured it out. I had to lower my screen refresh rate to 30hz. That allowed me to use the 3D feature. Not too thrilled with a 30hz refresh rate, but it is what it is.
Same problem. I got the tv to see 1920x1080 but it doesn't say 1080p. Any fix?
So they are absolutely no help. I'm running a High speed 1.4 hdmi cable, I've verified that the resolution being outputted is 1920x1080/60Hz... At a total loss.
On the phone with Vizos "tech help" which btw is AWFUL, and now they are trying to tell me it's my VIDEO card that isn't 3D capable. This people have NO clue. Anyone have this tv and got 3D to work via PC with XBMC?
Nope. It does. Just like every other 3D tv on the market. I bought this TV for this feature. Just like all the other XBMC guys, I want to be able to watch 3D rips from my media server. I copied a 3D rip to a USB drive, plugged it into the tv, and it works perfect that way, which means the tv works fine. It won't run from a PC.
Just got this tv, set it up with hdmi to my cable box. I can view youtube 3D fine. I don't have any 3D channels on cable lineup, but using the same hdmi cable and plugging into my laptop, I can play ripped 3D content in SBS mode, but hitting the 3D button does nothing. Going into the tv menu, 3D is greyed out. Now, I know this works, because most people watch 3D movies this way. I called Vizio, and their tech support said I needed a 3D hdmi cable. Despite explaining to...
Looking to make one of these, and have found a US distributor of the WS2811 LED RGB pixels for a good price. These are 50 pixel runs. http://www.ebay.com/itm/50pcs-DC5V-12mm-Diffused-Digital-RGB-LED-Pixels-WS2811-2811-US-SELLER-/300770674630?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item46075447c6 Was wondering if anyone knows if these will work. They look different from the ones Adalight sells on their website, but all the specs match up.
Yes but the M3D550SL have the same dimming features for the deep blacks that the M3D550KD has? There is no way to tell, as I don't see ANY reviews on the M3D550SL, and the visio website says the M3D550SL doesn't have the dimming feature, but it also says the M3D550KD doesn't have it, but Cnet reviews saying it does, which is why they love this tv.
On Vizio's website, they say that the M3D55SL doesn't have have smart dimming, that's all I can see that is different. But, if you look at their M3D550KD page, it too says it doesn't have smart dimming. But....Cnet reviews saying it does. So which is it?
Can't seem to find a review on the M3D550SL, but from what I can gather, the M3D550SL is the upgrade to the M3D550KD.
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