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I just picked up the following shipped back to me in Canada for cheap. Jurassic Park Trilogy: 10 pounds ($16 USD) The Pacific: 16 pounds ($25 USD) Back to the Future Trilogy: 12 pounds ($19 USD) Resident Evil 1-4: 11 pounds ($17 USD) Oceans Trilogy: 8 pounds ($13 USD) In total I got 13 movies and a great HBO mini series for $90 shipped Amazon UK is weird too. When you check out they add the shipping cost but for some reason the overall cost of the items lowers....
Finally getting it to where I want it. Just have to find that elusive red'ish area rug and few more decor items. Might have the budget to upgrade to theatre seating next summer, so it will have to suffice for now.
Thanks! Placed an order for one today. $92 online!
After running one PS3 into the ground and having since replaced it with another, I am thinking of getting a dedicated BR player. Ultimately I watch more movies then play games so I think moving to a dedicated disc player is the right thing to do. My budget is flexible as I simply want a player that does the following best: 1. Obviously Audio/Video quality (although from my limited research they all fair well in this category while playing BR) 2. Up-scaling ability. I have...
I am running Unblock US and have access to actual 3D films on Netflix. Albeit they are unknown animation films and documentary's but 3D nonetheless. Also accessing Super HD content as well. It's a start. Here's hoping they continue to release more content.
I'll soon see what all this hype is about with Sammy's Adventures. Just picked up a new copy on eBay for $16 shipping included.
Probably already said in the older pages but I purchased and watched Sanctum last night in 3d. Thought it was done pretty good. My 3d collection consists of Sanctum, Avengers, MIB3, TinTin, Brave, Titanic, Dredd, Prometheus, and Avatar. The two best being of course Avatar and surprisingly Sanctum. Then again Cameron had a hand in it, so he probably went the extra mile to make it POP.
Wait a second! The OP wrote that long trifle of a message of how he was confused that people love the sound of cheap speakers and how everyone's ears must be broken while he is running TSi 300's!!!! Am I the only one here taken off by that? That's like saying "I can't stand people who buy cars without the leather seats. I have leather in my Ford Focus and I will never understand someone going with cloth seats!"Look, I am no speaker pro or "keen" ear. I demo'd 4 sets of...
I ended up with a new AMP, the Onkyo 616 and the Klipsch set of speakers with a Polk PSW110 Sub. The guy at Bestbuy worked a deal and I got everything for $1000. After getting everything home and setting it all up, I ran my sound test again and WOW!!! I wasn't watching the Podraces, I was at them! I know for most my little system screams nothing in comparison but for someone who stepped up from a HTIB and painstakingly purchased and returned 3 different systems before...
I bought (and then returned) the Jamos just yesterday. When I ran Audyssey, it had my do the switch which i did. It sounded like it was correct when i ran my sound tests. I agree with a previous poster, trust Audyssey.
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