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get an xpa 5 and the umc 7.1 preamp from emo you will have great system.. cheers
how much power for sonic nirvana? i say the more the better... get as much power as you can.. cheers
pick up 2 xpa 1 differential mono block amps absolutely amazing sound quality improvement with the extra power and head room.. and fully balanced signal.. but the binding post are 13 inches apart.. so i had to cut off my pant legs and strip the cable off about 5 more inches.. is there such a thing as 8 inch long pant legs and where could i get them? thanks
congrats on the new house.. lots of work moving hope you find the time to make your cables..cheers
sure they make lots of sound... but if your want great sound quality (more for stereo) you need lots of power ...i went from denon 3313 125 wpc stereoto xpa 3 200wpc 8 ohm 300 w 4ohmto the xpa 1 500w into 8 ohm 1000w 4 ohmthe sound quality improvement at each upgrade are massive and stunning you can read all you want of pros and cons until you hear it for yourself at home you will never understandDa Power Rules..!!!! separates are the only way to go...cheers
you want crazy great sound quality you need da power and lots of it..xpa 3 was not enough..xpa 1 yes the sweet spot..the power has to control the speaker... not just drive it .. we all know we can hear a watt ...cheers...
sure would like to know how you get a foot on the bottom thats a side!cheers
oh yes the xpr 1 would be another step up in sound quality... Your right but i think i would upgrade my speakers before i add that kind of power...i noticed you dont have a system listed in your profilewhat kinda Power you running ? maybe you can post some pics too...Man my speakers are absolutely amazing with the xpa 1s money extremely well spent... if your want amazing sound quality...
buddy avr do not have enough power to drive speakers properly.. you want great sound you need Da Power..and lots of it trust me I know..its money extremely well spent if you want AMAZING AWESOME SOUND QUALITY more power buddycheer
BillYou got to get some Da Power... 100 wpc dont cut the cheese you need lots of Da Power for GREAT SOUND QUALITY... let the amp take control of the speakers..I Know Bill trust me Get some Power and you too will have GREAT SOUND QUALITY in your system too!night and day difference with Da Power Bill... mmmm mmm great Bud!just think your subjectively stated excellent sound will sound 10 fold better with Da Power.. get your self some Mack Daddys Mono Blocks...
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