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No cable/sat box, just an antenna. Thanks for the link on the switch. That looks to be the ticket.
Thanks! The TV is a Samsung PN43E450. I am not sure if it has ARC or not. There is an optical out but the only optical in on the AVR is being taken up by my Macbook audio.
Wondering how I can configure my AVR 1612 to receive sound from from my HDTV. I have the TV connected via HDMI via the monitor out on the receiver. I have the optical audio in on the reciever occupied by an optical in from my Macbook. I thought the AVR1612 would take audio in via the HDMI between the TV and receiver but I can seem to find the setting to get the sound to work. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!
Thanks for this thread! I’ve read a lot and found answers to many of my questions. I am hoping you can advise on connecting my (older) Macbook to my 1612 to watch video downloaded from the internet. I recently purchased a miniDVI to HDMI dongle for video and a toslink to mini toslink optical cable for sound. Naturally I want to hear the sound from the 1612. However, there is only one optical input on the back and that is labeled TV. Can I use that port for my MacBook...
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