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thanks for the help! I went ahead and ordered from AVS... looking forward to it arriving now
I plan on buying a 144" BD 2.35 zero edge in a few days... my throw distance is going to be around 17' w/ a new Panasonic ae8000. Is this too far away for a .8 gain screen, should I go with the 1.4? I'd prefer the .8 for the black levels but I fear shooting a 144" image from 17' is just too much, even with this projector being as bright as it is. If it matters, my room is blacked out at night and there is some very small ambient light from curtained windows behind the...
well according to http://myhometheater.homestead.com/viewingdistancecalculator.html my 2nd row of seating, and main viewing spot, is 17ft away so it would be 34.2 and my front row is 12 ft away and would be 47.1 on a 144" 16:9 ... I'm sure those change a little for a 2.35 screen though thanks!
I've been going back and forth with this decision for a while now, I'm sure many of you can relate lol I am going to be purchasing a 144" BD Zero Edge 2.35 screen. I just had a question about what gain to go with on the screen. The room is somewhat light controlled, at night it is a cave and during the day some light leaks in from rear (curtained) windows. The walls are dark brown, the ceiling is a white drop ceiling. The projector is a new panasonic ae8000 and the...
New Posts  All Forums: