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So what would you do? Im just curious being a newbie in this area.
Thanks. Maybe the switch in the link might work (1 in- 3 out)? Presumably that should enable to allocate different source devices to designated hdmi inputs on the tv (eg through a multi remote)?http://www.amazon.com/portable-Powered-Splitter-1080P-Support/dp/B003JAXBWW/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1354057422&sr=1-4&keywords=hdmi+splitter+1+in+3+out
Thanks. My thinking was that the chances for surround sound should increase by routing all source devices through the soundbar with hdmi, and then from the soundbar to the tv -instead of connecting the source devices directly to the TV, and then connecting from the tv to the soundbar.With respect to the hdmi switch - do you think something like in the below link would work (ie 1 in-3 out)? Presumably that might enable allocating different source devices to designated hdmi...
Thanks. My thinking was simply that routing all sources through the soundbar should increase the chances for getting surround sound - compared to instead just routing the source devices directly to the tv, and then TV-out to the surround bar.With respect to the hdmi switch, do you think something like this might work (1 in and 3 out)? With a multi remote (eg logitech), different source devices could presumably be switched on together with designated hdmi inputs on the tv...
So in essence in order to get surround sound - all source units should be connected directly to the soundbar with HDMI, with the soundbar in its turn connected to the TV via HDMI?If this is the case - I take it that one could just put an HDMI switch between the soundbar and the TV, to send the picture of each source unit to separate HDMI inputs on the TV (to enable individual picture calibration on the TV for each source unit)?
As the headline indicates - is there really any benefit of buying a sonos, when you can get a soundbar with bluetooth which can both stream music from your ipad, and deliver surround sound from your tv/blue ray? Not knocking sonos, just trying to minimize the amount of units. I did try the search function, but did not manage to find any views on this particular topic.
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