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yea im kinda broke and i have my eyes set on a epson 3d projector but cant afford it at this moment. i know eventually i will have to get another screen but im hoping to find something that will look pretty good with this cheap projector. i was trying to find a nice used 1080p for a good price but i went to a flea market and a guy sold me this one working plus 2 more that need bulbs for a 100 so i figured what the hell. it looks ok but i think with a better or real...
and painting this pourus see through fabric will give me a better picture than blackout cloth or any other cloth that people use for there projectors.
i use it in 16:9 even though the current screen size is a little off. current size is 5'x7' or 60x84. the current material i am unsure of it has a high shine to it but the light passes through it rsther easily. no i dont want to do paint on. i might upstairs maybe but thats why i built the frame so i can move it from room to room easily.
i have a nec np100. cheap projector. built a frame and wraped it in a cloth not sure what kind but after reading posts hear it is the wrong cloth by far. my question is i am willing to spend about a hundred bucks on a new cloth but am wondering what would give me the best picture. i hear alot about blackout cloth but am also wondering if there is something else. secondly is there a material made for projectors for the price i am willing to pay that would give me an...
i would but after reading they only offer ways to use non conventional materials. someone asked a question similar to this. i am willing to use material made for projectors but i am asking if the best bet for 100 bucks would be to use blackout cloth or is there a screen i can buy and stretch myself that would give a better picture.
i bought my first projector the other day. it is a nec np100. i know it is a little out dated but i payed a 100 bucks for it working. i built a frame for a screen and bought some material that i thought would work. it looks ok but i have done some research now and realize it si completely the wrong material. so now i would like to buy a material that would give me a better picture. i have been considering blackout cloth but i was w sell the material so i can put it...
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