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I'm viewing live streaming video on my iphone 4. Is it possible, using USB, to stream this through my SR6006 and to my TV?
Are the Geek Squad from Best Buy considered "professional calibrators"? They offer free calibrations for Premium Reward Zone members.
I just purchased a BDP-103. It has analog RCA outputs for left/right stereo.
I've got a sort of annoying issue, and I'm not sure what's the cause. I have a new UN65EH6000FXZA, Oppo BDP-103, and Marantz SR6006. When I start a Bluray (or DVD) the TV seems to lose signal a couple times before the movie actually starts. This happens between title screens, FBI warnings, menu loading, etc. The TV displays the signal-loss text and the clock and video settings text pops up. I'm not sure if this caused by the TV, the Bluray player, or the AV receiver. ...
Excellent! Thanks.
So, should I somehow rerun Audyssey for each source?
Is it possible to save Dynamic Volume settings by source? I use Dynamic Volume when watching movies, but have to switch it off when listening to music as it squashes the life out of the songs. It would be nice to save the on/off state with the source. Possible?
I'm concerned that the front of this AVR took a hit. I purchased it as a refurb.
I just received my SR6006. I noticed the volume knob is much tighter than the source knob. Is this normal? jp
Is that the price for the 46" version? I'm looking at the 60"
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