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I definitely will consider that. Once my CORRECT seating arrives in the next month (they shipped me the wrong chairs), I'll sit down and watch a few films and make the final decision. I am a bit concerned with the screw holes from the original bracket location showing if I do lower the screen, but I guess I will cross that bridge when the time arrives.
I went with the CineWhite 1.1. Since we primarily use the room in the evenings, and I have decent light control even without the blackout curtains, it seemed the best choice.
Finally got my screen up. Went with the 110" Sable frame. Assembly wasn't too bad. About 2 hours from start to finish. (DEFINITELY glad I followed advice here and made sure wife was home to assist. Made it much easier.) Due to a furniture fiasco, my theater chairs which were SUPPOSED to be here and in place for the screen are M.I.A.- they shipped me the manual model instead of the power I ordered, so I am VERY patiently waiting for my new ones to arrive. Quite happy with...
I just went through this myself- my room is similar to yours dimension wise, other than it's a dedicated theater/gym room. I spent a couple weeks shooting on the wall, experimenting with various image sizes and seating distances. I THOUGHT 120" was what I wanted, but 110" proved to be the best for me, as I watch a lot of 2.35:1 content, and wanted the biggest possible image for my movies. I also do a good bit of PS3 gaming, and did the same thing, trying various games at...
Well, for the curious- I ended up going with an Elite 110" Sable. Turns out after some extensive testing, the 106" is too small for our liking, and the 120" is JUST too wide to fit on my wall.
I am just about ready to order my screen, and THOUGHT I had it picked out, but I am a bit confused on the whole 16:9 vs. 2.35:1 issue. I had all but ruled out scope format, as my projector is the Epson 8350- from what I have read here, that is not a good choice for scope content. I do watch a lot of BR Movies that are presented in that format, so I was a bit let down, but had decided a 110" fixed frame was the way to go. (I do some PS3/360 gaming as well, so the giant...
Good call- the BD coasters do NOT have a high WAF
I was reading through this thread thinking to myself, "I wonder how cool these would look around the perimeter of my screnn?...". Think I may have the encouragement I needed to give it a try .
Well , no go on the Animation disc - I get an "invalid disc error code 800XXXX" - have no idea what's going on. May just have to wait till I pick up some 50G media and give the complete disc a try. The others all work flawlessly. Strange indeed.MR
I took out the driver to make it easier to smear the stuff- I am glad I did, as it was easier to spread the stuff around where it connects for a more even attachment. (as a previous poster pointed out, there wasn't a real efficient way to get 100% all the way around the lower molding- I just smeared around what I could reach with a flat wooden stick, i.e. a pair of takeout chopsticks , to get it as even as possible.)It seems ROCK solid now. There is no "give" any more when...
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