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Can I assume that the 7200 does not support FlashPlayer? Trying to watch live streaming movies on movies2k.com with no luck. I can get them on my computer but not the TV. I am going to hook up the TV as a computer monitor to get new movies if I can't get the TV to play them.
I just back-lit my 7200. Hard to explain what it does, after watching it for a while you don't even notice until you shut it off. Makes a stunning difference in the picture. I don't know why or how but I like it. Bought a LED strip off Amazon for $28. You can change colors to about anything you want. The blue seems to suit me the best. Only problem I see is the shadows where the speakers are that block the light because it is setting right against the wall.
Just be aware that the 60" Vizio takes 18 seconds to turn on. It don't sound like much but it's really annoying. I took one back because of it and got the LG. Better picture on the Lg anyways.
Never found another 7003 bought a LG 7200 60" I like it. Much better picture then the 7003.
I won the panel lottery! This is my second 7200. First one I bought at Thanksgiving had awful flashlighting took it back and they didn't have another. Just got back there this week and they had three in stock. Thought I would try again and bingo perfect. I really like this TV it's the fifth TV I have tried. First LG 4700, Vizio 60", LG 7200, Samsung 7003 and again the LG7200. The Samsung was the best for no light bleeding but the picture was awful. I still have the Vizio...
Picked up a 60LM7200 yesterday at HH Gregs. Advertised price of $1699 rang uo at $1649 had a 10 percent coupongot it for $1499 before tax. They had three of them. Just incase anyone's looking. Register on their web site to get the coupon.
I can't even find the words to tell you how much I hate everything about this TV
Can't find one, just a Holiday special I guess.
I haven't been able to find another one. Going to check Pittsburgh over Christmas to see if I can find one.
\The bezel on my 7003 was chrome/silver finish with a clear covering on the outside. The bezel was almost invisible. I think it looked better then then 7100. You can change the logo on the front to whatever you want.
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