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All great stuff that I love hearing. Thanks for posting impressions and I hope a few others will add to this coming up. The Fusion-12 sounds like it would be an amazing speaker to build and own. All of the diysoundgroup speakers seem to get a lot of praise. With the limited space I have, I would unfortunately be limited to a 6" or 8" version of these kits as well as placing my TV on top of the horizontal center. I've been following the Martysub builds as well as some...
How do you like the Fusion center? I imagine that would be a good comparison for the entire Fusion-6 line.
I currently have Klipsch RF-52, RC-35, RB-62 and have been wanting to upgrade the L/C/R to Klipsch RF-62 and RC-62. Was also thinking about replacing the whole set for Ascend 340se's and HTM200's. How would the Fusion-6 kits compare to these two front stages? There's the Fusion-6 L/R and Fusion-6 MTM Center or possibly Fusion-6 MTM L/C/R. I'm in a condo with a lot of hard surfaces and almost only use for TV, Movies, and Games. Looks like it would be about $400 for the...
If you did this but SVS PB-1000 instead of the Rythmik I believe it would be just under $1200.
Where are you located? You can find some good things on the used market.
Didn't listen to them? Makes sense about not wanting to lose that much money.
Did your Empteks ever come in?
Since you like your Klipsch I would say that's a good idea. There is a lot of good used stuff on Craigslist.
If you get a Denon receiver you should at least get the 1613. What model are the Klipsch speakers? And the questions asked above.
Go larger than the tiny satellite speakers if possible. Take a look at Cambridge speakers on accessories4less. 4 bookshelf and the center would be about $595 shipped. Or HTD Level 2 bookshelves and center for about $530 shipped. Two good places to start. Then for a sub look at Dayton 1200, BIC F12, or NXG BAS-500.
New Posts  All Forums: