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Hi guys! I have a x1000 denon receiver. And im looking for 4 satellite speaker and 1 center speaker. Room size is 10 square meters. My budget is ¥30,000 to ¥50,000 yen. Any recommendatons? Thanks!
Hi guys! Newbie to 3d and projector. I just recieved my h5360bd without 3d glass but i have a 3d glass from my acer monitor hs244hq. Can i use this 3d glass to watch 3d on my pc? I have nvidia video card running on my pc nvidia 3dtv play installed on it. What settings or software do i need to watch movie on my pc. Thank you so much!
hi all avs users, sorry if i post this thread here. does anyone here knows tfc set top box? if there is someone, am i able to hack the monthly subscription?
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