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4K isn't a priority for me at all. But 2560 x 1440p is. A 4K receiver can pass a 1440p resolution. I'm actually not looking for the most powerful but rather the most power efficient off the wall socket. The notion of running 500w off my wall socket seems ridiculous to me. But I still want good sound.
Denon's max power consumption is 390w Marantz is 220w Pioneer is 520w (OMG!)
I have the x1000 right now. It's nice but I need 4k compatibility so it will work with my 2560 x 1440p computer monitor. That's right, I'm using a very nice surround sound system as my desktop computer speakers. It's awesome. Instead of being a HTPC its a PCHT:) Anyways, I'm torn between the Denon x2000 or the Marantz NR 1604. I know they are sort of like Ford and Lincoln car companies are. The Marantz is more expensive. Why is that? It looks nicer, it has less power....
Yeah I thinking that may be what I do
I looked and my Denon doesn't have the option to bypass video processing. Perhaps because it doesn't scale I don't know. Anything lower than 60hz is a no go because I game on this machine. I'm half temped to just sell this thing off, the center channel, and two bookshelfs and just go 2.1 with a simple amp and my sound card.
Yeah it works for you because you have the Yamaha RX-V475, which is 4K compatible. I'm running the target resolution fine on a direct link between my monitor and screen. But passing it through my Denon x1000 receiver, is causing me problems of inconvenience.
Update: I called Denon, and they told me as long as their receiver is rated to handle 4K, it can handle any lower resolution so long as it is in the same 16 x 9 format.
I know at one time before 4K was on the horizon, 1440p was thought to be the next big thing to replace 1080p. Are there any receivers out there, new or old that can pass through 2560 x 1440p? The signal is going to a PC monitor. Thanks
I have that sound card and it's really nice but if you are going with a nice receiver, you don't need it. Just run the audio off of video card's hdmi. A good receiver will do everything that card does and more, and it would kind be like, redundant. So if where you, I would take what you where going to spend on the audio card, and invest more into your receiver. That's just my opinion.
What does Audyssy do for me?
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