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bump for help
Thank you very much,what about the 3d? is it the same of the NX?
And up...
Bump,waiting for help. thank you.
Hello everyone,i need some serious help from the experts on TV´s here,Im considering buying a TV with a max price of 1.300 euros,a SONY BRAVIA or something better in the price/hardware range. My toughts was for a SONY BRAVIA KDL-40NX720 which was a older model but i loved the TV working live,now im not sure i still can buy this model so ive seen the new KDL40W905 and KDL-46W905,what is your advise? Thank you very much.
did they fixed the a-400 problems?
I kinda like the normal jukebox in the A-400...looks good also when controlling in my ipad everything...if u guys want i can post some pics of it.
Everything seems to work fine in mine also .
Long time since no updates for the A400..they should correct bugs a bit faster .
and up.
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