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Bump for Help.
Hello,i have bought a LG47LH5000 in promo,im fighting hard to get this tv with good graphics into my ps3/xbox360,im using HDMI cable but the LCD just seems to have bad graphics no matter what i do...does anyone have a good setup for this? i need help,otherwise i will trade this tv for another model... Thank you
Everything is conected from HDMI cable..
Hello,ive bought this tv,but seems my picture istn the best,does anyone have a good settings configuration for this tv ? apreciate the help. thank you
New firmware out today .
I actually spent good money on my A400 and wont regret it,its awsome jukebox !good for 3d,impressive image with vxp,beats my old egreat for miles ))
new firmware,corrects a lot of stuff
0_o nothing is downgrading...i use both HDMI and optical like ive say in the early post...anyways,did two videos of it,so when you can download it...it has the info on screen and in my denon showing up also.
then cant help u more.
check the video,info says it all.
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