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I believe they are IP control compatible. when I click on the irule icon app, it takes me right to the main menu that I setup in the wizard. There is no gateway tab anywhere to be found on my Kindle Fire. Am I missing something?
There is no gateway tab. Do I need a Global Cache for this? I shouldn't as all my equipment is built in...
in irule builder or somewhere else? because there is no sync tab anywhere in irule builder or the actual app remote itself.
i don 't think so just followed the wizard. How do i do that?
Dear lord this irule is really complicated. Almost regretting paying for the app. Anywho, here goes. I went through the easy setup for my 3 devices that I want to control. However nothing happens when I click on the power button for the equipment. A red arrow moves, i'm guessing it's telling me it failed? I'm using it on a Kindle Fire. I don't have a global cache because my equipment has the codes built in so what am i doing wrong?
Have had my Pioneer 1222k up and running for about a month now and love it. The sound is incredible and it can handle anything you throw at it and still stay pretty cool with the Class D amp. AND my sub hits like a tank, literally shakes my house!
My Sub's crossover is set to 100 and in the EQ the speakers only go down to 125(63 is not an option to change). So where is the 100-125 range going?
Guys thanks so much for the information. Premier day went well everyone was blown away by the picture and sound. We watched Independence Day. You were talking about the side vs the rear posistion in the calibration. I did side before I read all of this. You say that when choosing Side it duplicates the sound on the side speakers to the rears in a 5.1. But what about a 7.1 mix like Jurassic Park or almost any Disney movie. Does it know the difference or even then...
I don't want to biamp. I got this reciever so that I wouldn't have to buy another amp. Why won't it play all 7 channels like it should?
I unhooked the Front Wide/Height terminals and just Bi-wired my tower speakers. Before calibration everything sounded amazing and the rears were working even if it wasn't a 7.1 movie. After I calibrated, the rears don't work and it just didn't sound the same. The preset I used was Speaker B with the surround position on the side. The picture that came up with this preset represented my speaker configuration - the 2 channel stereo playback in another room. I did All...
New Posts  All Forums: