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Thoughts Please?
On a side note the gaming lag, does that refer to games played online? Or gaming in general even if it's an old N64 or a Wii?
2D movie picture quality is numero uno along with lens memory.Motion capture with sports is second.So you can see my dilemma. According to everything i've read, the JVC is better at 2D movie watching and the Panny better with sports motion capture. But I think neither one is bad in either of these areas as well.Room is a dedicated HT with 100% light control. Dark gray walls and ceiling and black carpet.Honestly I started my HT build solely for the purpose of finally...
Good to know. Trying to decide between the JVC x35 and the Panasonic ae8000 and I can't do it! lol. Has anyone noticed any annoying noises coming from the x35? The Panasonic seems to have a high pitched whining noise. How loud would the JVC get in normal?
Thanks. Anyone else with their opinions?
If you could compare the motion of the JVC and the Panny to something such as a normal 120Hz Tv what would they be? I need motorized lens shift and memory so that's why it's between these 2 for me.
Ugh The Panny and the JVC x35 are tied for me and this didn't help lol. No idea which one to go with. The wife recently stated she finally wants to get cable so I want a pj that will have very solid motion capture (mostly for football)
How does the Panny handle motion in fast action scenes in movies and sports on broadcast TV?
How does the x35 handle motion on fast action scenes in movies and sports on broadcast TV?
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