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Unfortunately no I cannot move the main seating back as there is a riser behind it. Looks like that's where it is. I mean the bass in that null is still good and rattle the chair a little in the lower scenes. Just to fully experience the capabilities of the sub I have to be at least in the second row of seating and especially standing at the back of the room. Would acoustic wall panels or bass traps help with the null at the main seating?
Well would it help if removed the encasing around the subwoofer at all?
I have the LV12R which I absolutely love. My room is 17x11x7 so a modest sized room but it is soundproofed and totally sealed off from the rest of the house. I have the sub placed up front under my screen. Main listening position is almost about 9' from the sub. I am satisfied with the bass at my main seating but the further I ove back in the room the more and more bass I hear and feel it's incredible. Unfortunately, up front where my sub is, is the ONLY place I can...
Will look in to that thanks. Do you think adding doors to all the basement rooms will help at all so the whole basement isn't open? Although he doesn't have a ceiling either so the floor joists are exposed.
Just found this Thread. Does anyone know if the HCFR can be used with a JVC RS46 to save the settings to the PJ?
I have a JVC RS46 and am interested in calibrating it using the X-rite i1Display Pro. 1. Does it degrade over time, if so how long? 2. How often do you use it to keep up a good calibration? 3. Can it calibrate the image off of the screen or do you have to use it before the image hits the screen? Also, does anyone know if HCFR works with the JVC RS46 and can save the settings to the projector? I do not have an HTPC but a Sony BDP 5100. Thank you.
Thank you I will look in to that. Another quesion, let's say I get it calibrated professionally. Does he have to come back again every so often to keep the calibration up to snuff(lamp hour degradation and such) I read that DIY calibrations such as Spyder and others lose their quality over time.
It's placed in the right spot we did a sub crawl. What i'm mainly wondering is if a sub like the BIC PL-200 will be better than the Dayton 1500.
Does it calibrate grayscale and gamma pretty well? Overall is the meter better than a calibration disc like Disney or Spears.
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