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Thank you. I tried that but to no avail. It goes red and I can't control it. Do I need to re-sync everytime I change the gateway? On the Receiver itself it has 23 on port 4 but ports 1-3 are blank and i can put any number in that I want...Not sure if that's relevant.
Trying to control the 1222 via irule. Has anyone here done this could help me out. Having trouble. Should I set it up as a Network or HTTP Gateway and what is the Port number? Thanks.
Ok so I can now control the Sony BD player with irule. However my AVR and PJ still are a no go. I have the correct IP address and ports in. Wondering if the AVR should be a Network or HTTP gateway. Also, for the Pioneer 1222k would anyone know the proper port? Thank you.
Setting up the 5100 for irule. What port does the 5100 use?
Good lord how did you find the port for your equipment?
Sony BDP S5100Pioneer 1222k AVRJVC RS-46 ProjectorDid I do that right or do I have to input the individual IP addresses of the equipment in then assign it to a gateway? OR do I put each one on it's own gateway?
Sony BDP S5100 Pioneer 1222k AVR JVC RS-46 Projector
Ok I synched it and it works now yay. I went to Network gateway and added a new one with the IPv4 address of my network router address then added the devices that are on that network to the network on the Kindle for irule. I have no idea what port it is or how to find that out. Still nothing though, cannot control any of my equipment.
wow ok i feel like an idiot. There is a small "button" off to the side that brings up all this menu stuff. Sorry for that guys. Do I need Network of HTTP for the IP control?
That's the thing. When I open irule it just takes me to the home menu screen of the actual remote to control the stuff. There is no settings option or anything else available.
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