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Sorry for the follow-up but Samsung is saying that because no ARC, I cannot connect the HDMI from soundbar directly to tv and would have to use the optical cable instead.
What if I am using the ps3 for games as well. Don't I need to make additinoal connections for the video, etc. Also, the hd cable box does not need to be connected to the soundbar? I am trying to diagram this all out. I really appreciate all of you help. Can I contact you wth additional questions, if I need to?
Thank you very much. Because I am new to all of this, I have a few other questins. So for clarification. First, I connect the ps3 to soundbar, then the other ps3 cables to the tv. I then connect the soundbar output to the tv. I do not believe the Samsung tv I have supports ARC. It is UN50EH6000. If it does not, how bad does the audio degrade if I connect soundbar to tv with only the optical cable? Is there a noticeable difference? Finally, I connect the cable box...
I just purchased an HW E450 soundbar. I have a playstation 3 blue ray(hdmi), a verizon cable box (hdmi) and a new samsung led tv with only 2 hdmi jacks. What is the best way to set this up? do I need to get an HDMI switcher so the tv can have 3 hdmi connections. Is it that simple. If so, which switcher would be most convenient. Can the component cables from the soundbar work just fine? Thank you.
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