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If anyone reading this forum happens to have a working LED driver for a HLT5087SA, I may be interested in buying it from you. I'm trying to keep the budget low on this one since I've sank more into it already than I originally intended. The LED driver is part number BP94-02321b. Thanks
In need of working LED driver board BP94-02321b. If anyone has one, please send me a message. Thanks.
Thanks Dengland! I took your advice and I picked up that board for $32.50 shipped. Turns out the LED driver is indeed my problem. I appreciate your suggestion.
Yes, I saw that one. That is an idea to at least have an idea of what the voltages should be I suppose. I was hoping at least someone who's had this issue would reply.
Anyone? I'm considering buying a LED driver board, but I'd hate to spend over $100 and find out I'm wrong.
Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and I'm looking for some direction on how to fix my HL-T5087SA. I bought the TV cheap in non working condition. The sound works, but there is no picture. I got a hold of a service manual for a HL-T6187SA, which isn't exactly the same, but is very close. According to information in the manual, I found that I was getting a blinking error code from the LED driver (green blinking LED on the board) for the green LED. I ordered a new...
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