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Ugh. Definitely Behrs.
This show is proof positive that I'm a sucker for a cute blonde and I'm too lazy to delete the recording on my DVR.
The easiest way is to keep everything connected to the TV as you currently have and then output your TV to the soundbar via optical, assuming that your TV has an optical output. If not, you can connect your PS3 to the soundbar via HDMI, your sky + box to the TV via HDMI and soundbar via optical, and then output the soundbar to the TV via HDMI. Obviously, option 1 is much simpler.
I am way out of the loop on this so take what I say with a grain of salt. I am not sure how the sub connects to the unit but I can say that I have mine on the other side of the room, which is approximately 15' away and behind a coach. I believe that those that thought that they could connect the soundbar itself wirelessly were mistaken.
Sam's Club has this soundbar for $228.88 right now.
Getting devices to play nice can often be a chore. I picked up a Harmony 650 remote from Amazon over Christmas. Best purchase I have made in a long time. Simple setup and full functionality.
More than likely, you would need to connect the soundbar to the TV via HDMI to be able to control the volume with the TV or satellite remote. Worst case, you can use a good universal remote like a Harmony to be able to control everything with one remote. I would expect the sound to be lacking without the use of the sub. I have an HW-E450 soundbar and, when the sub doesn't sync on occasion, I can tell immediately. While I'm sure that you would get somewhat used to it, I...
If anyone missed it, I believe that they are re-airing episode 1 immediately before episode 2. I was under the impression that the first episode was starting at 10:30 and running for an hour and a half. I was half watching the OT and there didn't seem to be a transition between the 2. It started around 10:20. I ran for the remote to record the additional 10 minutes for my wife.
If you connect your sources to the HDMI inputs on the soundbar and then output the soundbar via HDMI to the projector (or TV), you don't have to worry about ARC. ARC is only applicable if you connect your sources to the display and then output the display to the soundbar. Your main concern will be potentially lengthy HDMI run(s), depending upon how far away your equipment is.
I don't like having sound come from the TV's speakers and the soundbar simultaneously because of the echo effect. If your TV doesn't support ARC, you can't output sound from the TV via HDMI. You either have to connect sources to the soundbar first, as you did with your BD player, or you need to output the TV's sound by using an optical cable or the included analog cable.
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