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Super Eye, I'm not sure that it's ok to do this, if it's not, you can scold me. Do you have any opinions on my post above (about 4 hours ago)
Yes I do have HDMI from sat box to tv. In order to record to my pio I need to use my tv remote, and change from HDMI 1 to SVideo in the tv menu. I don't know maybe I'm doing something wrong, maybe something is hooked up wrong, but I've been living with it for a couple of years now, it's not that bad. Wajo thanks for your help. I've read some of your posts, you are very helpful to many of us.
The way that I read the exact message, It is a WARNING! HD cable not detected "If I'm reading it correctly it means pio 640 is not HD It will still let me record, but that window will pop up every once in awhile as a warning, therefore I'm actually recording message, I suppose I could edit the warning out but sometimes the warning will stay onscreen for 20-30 seconds. Is gen2 that much worse than gen1, that I should find an answer to this? Just asking!
wajo, I use to do that, for for some reason directv (has changed something) because now if I record directly to my pio, a pop up box appears on screen saying something like "you don't have HDMI HD cable" , I don't think the pio has HD hookup does it.
First, I want to clarify how I record, and then I would like your opinions. I have directv w/ a HD DVR receiver. I record football game, etc. to the directv DVR, (go do something else while the game is recording) later I watch the game decide if I want to keep it, if I do I then set my pio to timer recording, usually set speed to MN19 (appox 2:10) record the game commercials and all (go do something else while recording tp pio) later I edit out the commercials, etc and...
Thank you, Super Eye I'll try all of that Quote " I believe players have a much weaker laser than recorders" do you recommend buying a cheap no thrills recorder/player over a player for my disc playbacks? I do a lot of playbacks (sometimes 3 or 4 a day. I tape movies, nascar races, peyton manning football games, etc (1 or 2 recordings per week average) I usually record them to my pio 640, then copy to dvd, play dvd, rip dvd to my PC HDD and then archive the disc for...
Thank you very much CitiBear. I will try the reboot Thanks for getting back to me, and the great info.
Thanks to all of you. I have been using my pio 640 for about 6 or 7 years, I have copied maybe 200 dvd's, I always finalize my discs and I always use video mode. and I use high quality dvd's. Some disc will play in my pio 410 and some will freeze and studder. (my pio 410 is only a couple of years old and used very little) I thought maybe it was the 410. I've even ripped some of the discs to my PC HDD and burned them back to a DVD, some will play and some will still...
I was just wondering if other 640 users can tell me what dvd players they are playing burned disc on without any problems. I'm using jvc ty 8x blank media, so I don't think that is a problem. Of coarse My 640 burned discs will play in my 640, but I was just trying to save ware n tear on my 640, by playing in my cheaper recorder, since it is so hard to replace a 640.
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