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Where can we get more info on it? Also how do we upgrade the firmware?
I sit 13.5' feet away from a 145" 2.35 1.0 gain screen. I moved back and forth many times and found that distance to be the best. Any closer and I felt like I was only focusing on the center of screen instead of the whole. I don't know how you can watch a 144" with only 11' away. You must be turning your head left and right to see the whole screen.
This is very true. I didn't watch Spider man but I did watch Salt and Total Recall on the server and Total Recall looks stunning as compared to Salt.
Can you provide the names of movies (sources) you are testing that made you think that it looks like 4K? I am currently using PS3 and won't mind if PS4 makes it that much better. Is PS4 available in shops now?
Now that's super funny :-)
I was watching Hobbits today. It looks amazing in all aspects (color, clarity, image noise). There was no image noise at all. Absolutely loved it. One thing I noticed is that changing lamp to High mode makes the it look even better. I have 145" diagonal with 1.0 gain. I understand that lamp being high or low is a user preference. Here is the question though Keeping lamp high, how many hours can one get on this lamp vs low??? Assuming that i would have been ok with low...
I started this topic a few days ago. Please follow this link and read others opinion on it.http://www.avsforum.com/t/1492355/official-sony-vpl-vw500es-vw600es-4k-projector-thread/1890#post_24311333
Yesterday i played Demon Souls and also Last of us on PS3 and had no issue with lagging. Demon Souls is critical on timing and I didn't have much issue with it. I said "much" because I haven't played it in a while and not being able to perform an action could very much be my own skills. But for the most part, I was able to perform time critical actions.I only tested shooting in Last of us and it was spontaneous.Checking in RC menu, there was no database option available....
My main idea was to see the difference in between Native 4K vs ultra HD 4k. If we can't tell the difference because they are not showing the info, does anyone know of any clip that is in Native 4K? I was raving about Total Recall and then found out that its not Native 4K but an upscaled version.
Any way to tell if a clip/video on 4K server is Native 4K or upscaled version of 1080P using the tablet?
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